Handmade LetterBox

A Handmade letter box,  letter plate, letter gap, mail space, mailbox, pillar box or post box is a repository for getting approaching mail at a private home or business. For the inverse motivation behind gathering active mail, a post box is for the most part utilized. Handmade Letterbox, letterboxes or post boxes utilize the accompanying essential plans.

Handmade Letter Box Online India

  • An opening in a divider or entryway through which mail is convey
  • A box appended straightforwardly to the building
  • A box mounted at or close to the road

Handmade Letter Box Online India

  • A brought together mail conveyance station comprising of individual post boxes for a whole building
  • A brought together mail conveyance station comprising of individual letter drops for different beneficiaries at numerous locations in a specific neighborhood or group


Styles And Usage Of Letter Box

A “letterbox”, or “mail opening” in American and Canadian utilization, is a space, normally level yet in some cases vertical, around 30 cm by 5 cm (12 creeps by 2 inches), sliced through the center or lower half of a front entryway.

This style is practically widespread in British homes and workplaces, yet in the US is restricted fundamentally to more established neighborhoods in a couple of eastern urban areas. Most are secured by a fold or seal outwardly to weatherproof.


Handmade Letter Box Online India

The fold may be shut by gravity, or sprung to avoid it opening and shutting boisterously in the wind. Some letterboxes additionally have a moment fold within to give facilitate security from the components. There may likewise be a little enclosure to get the conveying mail.

Mail openings are constrained to accepting approaching mail, as most have no arrangement for securing and ensuring active mail for pickup by the mail bearer.

Kaushalam Handmade Letter Box

Kaushalam is an innovative studio of handmade, high quality and carefully assemble items for Home and Garden.

An innovative start

Kaushalam was established in the spring of 2012 from a 600 sq. feet studio space in Jaipur, India by Mrinalika Jain with the possibility of making a specialty in the realm of craftsmanship and art.

Handmade Letter Box Online India

Inside 3 months of our starting, we got the offer from the illustrious group of Jaipur to open our outlet in “The City Palace” of Jaipur.


Kaushalam is an imaginative idea of Mrinalika Jain (Bhardwaj) who is a craftsman herself. Hailing from Jaipur, she holds her Master’s degree in expressive arts and is a pupil of legendary craftsman Pandit Dwarka Prasad Sharma from Jaipur. She gives the credit to her Guru to give her a stone strong establishment in painting and transformed her into an awesome attentive, talented and inquisitive craftsman.

Handmade Letterbox Online India

Living in the USA for right around 10 years and going by numerous nations gave her a worldwide point of view and the introduction helped her a great deal in taking care of business “Kaushalam”.

What  Kaushalam is today?

Inside a limited ability to focus three years Kaushalam has made considerable progress and been effective in making our specialty in Indian and worldwide craftsmanship and art industry. They have banded together with India’s first-rate online gateways and physical retail locations. They are trading to numerous nations like Dubai, Kuwait, Netherlands, Germany, Australia to give some examples.

Kaushalam items

Kaushalam has some expertise close by painted and handmade items for home and garden. We are furnish for painting any sort of fine art on all sort of surfaces. Our concentration is to unite the workmanship styles of each province of India.

Handmade Letterbox Online India

Kaushalam items are their own unique thoughts. They do modify work as indicated by customer’s need too.Some of the items which attract the Indian culture most is handmade letter box, etc


The motivation behind picking subjects for our items originates from our rich Indian legacy, different societies, and everyday life. Their items are an amalgamation of over a significant time span. They are a bit of workmanship and history with a touch of modernization. Or more all every piece is finished with most extreme care and love. They put our complete self in our items.

Smash hits

Basically, Kaushalam is  for most cherish Teakettles and handmade letter box .

Handmade Letter Box Online India

Other than these Tea sets, lamps and handmade letter box are most admire and hot vendors.

Kaushalam Artisans

Group of craftsmen comprises of gifted specialists who have the ability from their eras to tenderfoot poor women whom we joyfully prepare with the goal that they can acquire their vocation.

The most effective method to paint a beautiful Handmade Letter Box

A handmade letter box is a magnificent approach to zest up your home stylistic theme or garden stylistic theme. You can make a delightful painted letter drop regardless of the possibility that you have never painted.

Handmade Letter Box Online India

There are some superb stencils you can use to make the outline on your handmade letter box. You can make a delightful box whether you live in a territory or you live in a zone that you can mount a wonderful handmade letter box on the divider outside your home.

Step by step instructions to make&paint a Handmade  Letter Box

Let start the procedure of handmade letter box

  • Always get a stir steel box
  • Use a bit of fine sand paper and delicately sand the entire box. Sand only a little to dull it. Make certain to wipe down the entire box subsequent to sanding.
  • If you utilize a stencil, tape it down. At that point pencil on your plan. In the wake of penciling it in, you can paint the plan.

Handmade Letterbox Online India
when you are finished with the artwork, let your post box sit and dry for 24 hours to cure.

  • After that Give the container a chance to sit for 24 hours.
  • Finally, however, one I generally do. Heat the container in your stove at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. This truly sets everything and makes your letter drop sparkle.

Handmade Letter Box Online India

Your handmade letter box  is now prepare for mounting. You have made a delightful improvement for your home that will keep going for a considerable length of time!!

Upbeat Painting

Handmade Letter Box Online India

These Beautiful Handmade letter box help to decor the home & garden….


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