Tapestry Wall Hanging

Decorate a bare wall or cover an unsightly one in your home with these colorful tapestry wall hanging featuring traditional to contemporary designs. Alternatively, hang the tapestries in your bedroom, and derive inspiration from the motivational quotes printed on them every morning.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

Handmade from 100-percent cotton, these wall accents make for stylish and durable decor pieces. The tapestry wall hanging, with their beautiful floral motifs, ethnic prints and various art subjects such as Royal Mandala, Tuscan Villa II, Tree of Life, Zulu Mother, and Beyond the Sea, can act as effective conversation-starters during house parties. Be it for adding texture to your living room or for creating a cozy ambiance in your bedroom.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

  • This dazzling bit of workmanship can be utilize as Bedspread, Bed Cover, Table Cloth, Curtain and obviously as a Tapestries Or a Wall Hanging.
  • High-quality texture utilized
  • Multi hues creatively colored.
  • These tapestries, not stitched or woven.

Wall Hanging

These Indian comforter/Wall hanging woven artwork is totally hand screen imprinted on 100% cotton in conventional Indian strategy which takes around seven days to finish. These are radical Indian embroidered works of art, thin as a sheet, great, control linger development, trimmed edges. Every woven artwork is flawed because of high-quality nature. At times what, printers would call enrollment blunders are deliberately included on the screen print to reproduce hand woodblock prints.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

Adds an ethnic feel to home, office, rooms, with this cotton high quality inside decoration. Going for an emotional makeover of dividers and this woven artwork would turn into a conversational bit of craftsmanship. An unquestionable requirement has in any season for all ethnic smart ones.Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

This ravishing bit of craftsmanship can be utilized as Bedspread, Tapestry Wall Hanging, Tapestry, Bed Cover, Table Cloth, Ceiling Tapestry, Curtain, Room Decor, Picnic Blanket, and Beach Throw. These wall art Rajasthani curtains are print on cotton. They are not stitched or woven throws. These tapestries are print on cotton.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

– Fabric: 100% Cotton Fabric, Screen Printed Design.

– Size: (94X84 Inches) (212×240 CM) (approx).

Here are a couple of thoughts on the best way to utilize these brilliant Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India


  • Table Cloth
  • A Throw
  • Room Divider
  • Picnic Sheets

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

  • Living Room Carpet
  • Tapestry
  • Nice Bedroom Tapestry

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

  • Bed sheets, Blanket, Quilt
  • Perfect for Gift
  • Curtain or Ceiling tapestry
  • Windows drape
  • Couch covers
Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

Lovely toss/inside decoration woven artwork hand made in India. The sheet measures 220cm x 240cm (the extent of a twofold bed sheet). This mirrors their hand made qualities. And is not the slightest bit to be view as an imperfection. Light up any space with this delightful tapestry wall hanging. Ideal for dividers, beds, couches, and a whole lot more.

The most effective method to Clean Tapestry Wall Hanging

With their perplexing examples and intense hues, embroidered works of art add warmth and magnificence to any room in your home. Numerous woven artwork proprietors hang theirs on a divider for the show, while others wrap their embroidered artwork over a bed or lay it level on the floor.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

On the off chance that you hang your woven artwork on the divider, it ordinarily won’t get sufficiently messy to require a profound cleaning. Unless your embroidered artwork gets filthy. An infrequent tidying with your vacuum cleaner is sufficient to keep the thing looking new.


1  First, Remove the embroidered artwork from the divider, if fundamental.

2  Lay the woven artwork on a level surface. For example, on a perfect floor or a table.

3  Connect an upholstery connection to your vacuum cleaner. This connection has firm abounds and an oval-or rectangular-molded head.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

4  Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Run the upholstery connection down the length of the woven artwork, working from the best to the base. Vacuum the best side of the embroidered artwork. This is the place clean gathers when it holds tight the divider.

5  Last, Flip the embroidered artwork over and vacuum the back, if craved. The embroidered artwork’s rear is normally not as messy as the front.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

6  Take your woven artwork to a laundry. On the off chance that despite everything it looks filthy subsequent to vacuuming. You ought not to launder certain sorts of embroidered works of art.

For example, hand-woven ones, Italian and French generation embroidered works of art or those made of 100 percent fleece. In the event that you have a woven artwork, for example, this, contact a floor covering cleaner who has some expertise in a top of the line covers or old fashioned materials.

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

Washing Instruction

  • Hand Washes Only.
  • Do not utilize heated water.
  • Wash independently in chilly or tepid water.
  • Do not utilize Bleach or chlorine

Tapestry Wall Hanging Online India

Hang lovely beautiful tapestry wall hanging to add warmth and surface to any room.

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