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A small lamp designed to stand on a table.

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Lamps that set a brighter mood

Table lamps, let you fine-tune the atmosphere of a room in more ways than one. They give you additional light where you need it while also adding a bit of personality. Table Lamps are available in a wide selection of styles to add a little extra color, texture, and light to your home.

Table Lamps online

Table Lamps And The History

The earliest history of table lamps dates back to about 70,000 BC. The person who was in need of a lamp for more lighting would take a hollow shell or rock and fill it with moss or other materials that were soaked in the fat of animals. Once the rock or shell was packed with the most it would be lit or ignited.

It was long after the use of rocks and shells that people began to make things to hold the materials to make light. Manmade pottery, bones from animals and alabaster were used. Wicks were then added at a later time so that there was more control over the burning rate.

Table Lamps online

Right around the 7th Century BC, the Greeks were making terra cotta lights and lamps. The word lamp is actually derived from the Greek language. The lamp as is what the Greeks call the light which means torch.

During the 18th century, the central burner was invented. Today we call the central burner the oil lamp. The source of fuel was encased in metal and there was a metal tube to control the amount of fuel and how bright the light was.

Table Lamps online

The first electric lamp was invented by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1801. The carbon arc lamp was run by hooking up two carbon rods to an electrical source. By having the rods at a certain distance the electricity would arc and cause light.

Sir Joseph Swann and Thomas Edison both invented the first true electric table lamps. It was the lamp invented by Thomas Edison that became the world’s first commercially sold lamp in the year 1879. Table lamps have come a long way since then.

Table Lamps Online

Table lamps can be found all over the world. These lamps come in a vast array of colors and sizes. There are handmade lamps and designer lamps that can range in the thousands of dollars to own. Table lamps of today are able to run on all kinds of different light bulbs.

How to Find the Perfect Table Lamp

Table Lamps online

Table lamps assume two distinct parts in your home: utilitarian and ornamental, so when it comes time to choose table lamps there are a few things you have to consider.

Both shape and style should be considered while picking table lamps that will satisfy your lighting needs and work with your stylistic theme.

Size is also incredibly important.

Table Lamps online

Issues can happen when table lamps are excessively tall or too short – you will either be blinded by the glare of an as well tall light, or the light originating from the light is too low to be of any utilization as undertaking or encompassing lighting.

On a side table in a family room, the base of the lampshade shouldn’t be higher than your eye-level when you’re taking a seat.

Table Lamps online


A modern living room just isn’t complete without a style-setting table lamp to provide the finishing touch. Lighting Lamps will add style and décor to your room.

Lamps are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update your space with the latest designer trends. Layer your lighting with a combination of table lamps.

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