Healthy Snacks by Fabbox


Fab box is a healthy snack subscription box company! We like to call ourselves a healthy habit that you love. Fab Box believes in finding nutri-rich ingredients from all across the world. Giving them to brilliant chefs and artisans resulting in fresh snacks that are deliciously healthy.

They send one box of healthy snacks every month to your home or office. They strive to make their crave-worthy snacks very healthy.  The ingredients used in the snacks are sourced from highest quality farmlands produced in small batches to maintain freshness. Their chefs strive hard to get you the delightful taste in the healthiest way of preparation.

To mention a few, snacks like Dark Chocolate Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Flax seed and puff mix. They are broadly categorized as Nuts, Healthy bars, Dried Fruit Chews, Nutri mixes and Nom Noms.

Super Nuts with Super-Healing Powers – Fab box

Premium Chocolate Almonds


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Our Chocolate secured almonds are a client top choice. Superbly toasted, liberally canvassed in delightful and smooth premium chocolate.

It is difficult to kill your chocolate longings and surrender desserts. Presently you don’t need to. Our Premium Chocolate Oven-Roasted Almonds are made with genuine cocoa and stacked with rich chocolate season. By consolidating the velvety rich kind of genuine chocolate with our almonds, stuffed with sustenance and normally stacked with vitamin E, we transformed an intense test into a scrumptious nibble you can appreciate each day.

Mix Nut Chaat


#Full-of-Protein #Fibre-Rich #Crunchy #Tangy

Chaat is constantly wonderful and hard to resist. so let enjoy our healthy option tangy crunchy fibre and protein rich nut chaat.

Dates with Walnuts


Walnuts are the world’s most beneficial nut – in any event as indicated by Joe Vinson, a scientist at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. The extraordinary sweetness of dates and the rural severity of walnuts supplement each other wonderfully. These walnut topped dates are the ideal expansion to your vacation canapé line-up.

Premium Chocolate Cashews


Sinful chocolate with crunchy cashew is a rapture mix… don’t miss this one! Cashews are pressed with fundamental vitamins and minerals. They have abnormal amounts of iron, which enables all cells to get enough oxygen, and zinc, which supports safe capacity. Cashews’ levels of magnesium may support memory and help ensure against psychological issues, while their levels of copper and magnesium may help secure bone quality.

Cheese Makhanas (Jumbo)


Gluten free simmered makhana prepared with cheddar enhance. Among the most nutritious nuts on the planet. Hostile to maturing benefits. Puffed lotus seeds spiked with cheddar to fight off those yearning throbs. Your ideal sidekick to beat those mid work time hunger. Flown To Perfection, Our Roasted Cheese Makhana Is A Snack High In Protein, Fiber, And Anti-Oxidants. Take a nibble swap, Move Over Popcorn!

Fruit Chews – Fab box

Dried Kiwi


Our dried kiwi has a heavenly sweet, and slightly tangy taste. These fiber-stuffed dried kiwi cuts have a dynamic green shading that is such a great amount of enjoyable to take a gander at, however far superior to eat.

Sweet, delicious kiwi may not generally be handy for long haul stockpiling or eating in a hurry, so consider dried kiwi natural product as an option with many advantages. This dried out organic product is low in fat, decently low in calories and gives sound minerals and fiber. It is frequently very high in included sugars, nonetheless, so just join it into your dinner design on the off chance that you eat a low-sugar consume less calories.

Dried Cranberries


Sweet and tart cut cranberries are extraordinary for eating, blending into yogurt or oat, or notwithstanding preparing. These dried cranberries cuts are a decent wellspring of fiber and vitamins. Dried cranberries give an advantageous, versatile choice that enables you to effortlessly join organic product into your eating routine.

Dried Pineapple


Dry pineapple lumps are much the same as our pineapple rings, just cut into littler pieces. Rich in dietary fiber, cancer prevention agents and catalysts, dried pineapple lumps are a solid treat. Incredible for heating, as well!

BlueBerry Plums


#Antioxidant-Rich #Vitamin-Rich

Sweet, Juicy Blueberry Plums are prepared to eat in a perfect world or with your most loved desserts or adding to cakes and biscuits. These BlueBerry Plums are high in proteins and go about as a hostile to oxidants.

The blueberry is a blooming bush that produces berries that are shaded blue to purple, otherwise called blueberries.It is emphatically identified with comparative bushes, for example, those that create cranberries and huckleberries.

 Cookies – Fab box

Belgian Chocolate Cookies

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Belgian chocolate makes these treats a gourmet’s pleasure. Say Hi to Heaven! Here are some lovely Belgian Chocolate made treats with 0 Transfat in it! Yaay! Hoard on!

Cashew Rich Premium Cookies

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#No-TransFat #No-Preservatives #No-ArtificialColor

Our Cashew Butter Cookies are crunchy with the integrity of cashews in this hearty flavor.

Choco-Chip Banana cookies

fab box

These more beneficial chocolate banana cookies are so fudgy and flavourful that you’d never have the capacity to tell they were solid! Simply ahead and attempt a few!

Pistachio Almond Cookies

fab box

Treats with the genuine joy of genuine pistachio and almonds. Almonds and pistachios are two sorts of nuts that can be exceedingly valuable to your wellbeing. They contain critical measures of a few supplements, and eating them may likewise enhance your heart wellbeing and cholesterol levels.

Healthy Can Be Yummy!

“We are Foodies who believe the love for food should complement the benefits it has and not otherwise. We have rolled up our sleeves to jump in the game of making snacking healthy and fun!”

Fabbox is India’s Best Snacks Online. Choose From A Wide Range of tasty Artisan Snacks Delivered to Your Doorstep Every Month. Try a Box Now!