Eyeglass Holder Stand

EyeGlass Holder

A gathering of experts in India is endeavoring to discover glasses for you. This hand-cut wooden statuette is ideal for holding your glasses when you’re not utilizing them. No more searching for glasses around blindly, or trying to remember where you last put them down.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an investment that you want to protect. We’ve all damaged at least one pair of glasses. Help protect your eyeglasses with an eyeglass Holder from Silkrute. Choose from our quality selection of Eyeglass Holders.

EyeGlass Holder

If you own a pair of reading or nice sun glasses, at some point, you have undoubtedly experienced the frustration of trying to remember where you last had them.

An eyeglass holder from Silkrute.com can solve that problem for you forever, as it will provide the smart and safe place to always keep track of your reading glasses, sunglasses, or keep handy a spare pair of your everyday glasses. No matter which set of glasses you feel a need to better protect and serve.

Wooden Moustache Glasses Holder Stand

EyeGlass Holder

Keep this by your bedside and you’ll never fail to locate your specs again – though you might get a bit of fright when you wake up and they’re staring back at you!

Our unique eyeglass holders and eyeglass stands are a great solution for keeping your eyeglasses handy and safe. Never lose your perusing glasses again while this piece likewise adds idiosyncrasy to your stylistic theme.

These eyeglass stands make a unique and fun gift idea for anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses!

Eyeglass holder will do what you ask and always keep them safe and ready for action.  These eyeglass holder holds your eyeglasses securely and protects them from getting scratched.

Handmade from authentic durable Indian rosewood & carved into the unusual shape of a nose.

Unique Hand Carved Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Spectacle Holder

EyeGlass Holder

To keep spectacles and sunglasses in safe places buy these unique hand carved nose shaped spectacle holder. It can hold most styles of glasses. Prefect and practical gift for anyone. Gifted artisans from India have used wooden crafting techniques passed down over generation, combined with simple tools to create products of great beauty & utility. This products not only keep your glasses safe but also use as a showpiece.

Desi Karigar Handmade Wooden Nose Shaped Spectacle Holder

EyeGlass Holder

This is for someone who is looking for something that is different. This wooden nose molded exhibition or sunglass holder fills in as a basic and valuable embellishment for a useful remain to protect display/sunglass set up. With this spectacle holder you will be able to locate your glass with ease. This is likewise an ideal present for somebody who is continually overlooking where they exited their glasses and its look wonderful moreover.

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