Puppet, a movable model of a person or animal that is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

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A puppet is an object, often resembling a human, animal or mythical figure, that is animated or manipulated by a person called a puppeteer. The puppeteer uses advancements of their hands, arms, or control contraptions, for instance, shafts or strings to move the body, head, extremities, and once in a while the mouth and eyes of the puppet. The puppeteer frequently talks in the voice of the character of the manikin, and after that synchronizes the developments of the manikin’s mouth with this talked part. The exercises, movements and talked parts carried on by the puppeteer with the puppet are typically used as a piece of describing.


Kathputli, a puppet which is made from wood.It is a string puppet theatre, native to Rajasthan, India, and is the most popular form of Indian puppetry.

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Kathputli is a join of two rajasthani lingo words. Kath meaning wood and Putli meaning a doll which has no life. It implies a manikin which is made altogether from wood. In any case it is made out of wood, cotton material and metal wire.

History of  Puppet (Kathputli)

Peppy colors, sharp facial features, dexterous moves, squeaking voices in a typical traditional avatar performing in front of the excited audience and amusing them is what we call “KATHPUTLI” in India. It is basically a puppet which moves on the nimble fingers of the puppeteer.

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It is derived from the two different words of Hindi- “Kath” meaning wood and “Putli” meaning doll which has no life or a toy. Is one of the ancient and the most prominent arts of Rajasthan(a state in India) which is believed to be existing in India since more than thousand years.

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It may surprise many that it was Rajasthan’s amazing Kathputli only, which made India listed in one of the first countries who invented its traditional puppetry. Puppet is a significant dance form of Rajasthan till date that no festival or fair is complete without this dance.

Discovery of this Art

“Putli Bhats” were the very first people who discovered this art. They were the tribes of Rajasthan who traveled to different villages carrying their self- made puppets and entertaining the huge population in exchange of cash. It was the medium through which they earned their bread and butter. And soon this art gained popularity among the royal kingdoms of Rajasthan. And the “Bhat” community settled in different kingdoms and started entertaining the royal courts of Rajasthan. They received great honor and appreciation for their work from the Kings and Queens of these royal courts.

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The art of puppeteer has a long tradition in Rajasthan, but the puppets themselves are fairly simple creations.
The Maharajas of Rajasthan were fond of art and entertainment. As a result of which puppet dance flourished in those times. The specialty of this  dance was that they were just not the source of entertainment. But also they taught society the social and moral education. These acts of puppetry portrayed major social issues like dowry system, women empowerment, unemployment, poverty, and hygiene. The best part was they just not portrayed the problems but also provided the solution to tackling these problems.

Material used for puppet(kathputli)

The puppets are made of mango wood and stuffed with cotton. They are highly embellished then with colorful clothes and a good make-up. A very important feature of these puppets is their elongated and stylized eyes.

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Female puppets don’t have legs while the male puppets have legs or footwears and the movement of the body is free, thus a slight vibration of the puppeteer causes their hands, neck and shoulders to move. These puppets are generally one and half feet in height and are made in Sawai-Madhopur, Bari, and Udaipur.

Handmade Puppets

Ethnic home decor from India, handmade puppets by the craftsmen of Rajasthan,India. These handmade puppets are also called Kathputli, which is a join of two Rajasthani language words i.e. “Kath” meaning wood and “Putli” meaning puppet.

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A beautiful piece of rajasthani culture and art. Puppets (Katputli) is an outstanding convention performer demonstrate which is done using puppets. And moving them with the help of threads attached to them. These beautiful puppets are made from gota work cloths and cotton fillings. The faces are shaped out of wood and male symbolises traditional snake charmers. A unique traditional product to place in your room and most useful for home decor. These puppets comes in a pair of male and female only which is symbol of love.

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