gramophone is an old-fashioned type of record player.


Gramophones were a rage in the 1950s and 1960s when most households would play records on these. Nowadays, they are mostly considered to be antique pieces which do not function.

As the majority of you don’t have a reasonable picture of what this gadget is, let me have a go at disclosing it to you. This is essentially a stereo. While MP3 players and CD players are what we utilize today and tape players are what our folks utilized, gramophones were what were once utilized as a part of the eighties and early nighties, until the point that tape players were concocted. Not at all like what we have today, these worked mechanically with no electrical intensification.

Vintage Gramophone


Finding a functional gramophone nowadays is difficult and getting one repaired can be very expensive as most of the parts are unavailable. If you are a fan of vintage and antique items and would like to play your fathers old records, then you should buy gramophones.

Going vintage and retro in designing of your house is in vogue these days. We often find these collectibles fascinating and eye catching; they also somehow accentuate the look and feel of the house. Trending these days are retro telephones, gramophones, nautical decor and other retro collectibles.

Our guests also adore these vintage decor as it’s unconventional and sets us apart from the rest. Gramophones are also one of the best presents for someone who is looking to move into a new house.

History of Gramophone


It all began when Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph in the year 1877. It was a machine that could record a sound to play it again when you wanted it to. This so-called talking machine was very useful to engineers, merchants, scientists and not to forget, artists and singers. This led to a series of experiments and modifications till one day Emile Berliner, a German citizen invented the talking machine called gramophone.

Berliner founded “The Gramophone Company” to mass manufacture his sound disks (records) as well as the gramophone that played them.

To help promote his gramophone system, Berliner did two things. First, he persuaded popular artists to record their music using his system. Two famous artists who signed early on with Berliner’s company were Enrico Caruso and Dame Nellie Melba. The second smart marketing move Berliner made came in 1908, when he used Francis Barraud’s painting of ‘His Master’s Voice’ as his company’s official trademark.

Antique Gramophone


They say, music is the food of life, and how true this statement is. What would we do without our MP3 sets that not only help us relax at the end of the day, but also play a great role in helping us think positive and be more creative? Our great-grandparents, on the other hand, were not so fortunate.

The gramophone was all that they had when they wanted to enjoy some good music. While you may not really need one today as you can enjoy all your favorite country music in a better way with your Bose speakers that give you awesome sound, this can still be a nice showpiece if you want to make that corner of your living room look more interesting with something that gives it an antique look and feel.

And it is not just this. Nothing can beat a gramophone in the excellent quality with which you can enjoy music from old vinyl records.


Bring home this beautifully crafted piece from Being Nawab. Handcrafted in Pure Brass by the Artisans, this gives you a nostalgic feel, keep it at a corner, or near your TV and it is sure to attract the attention of everyone.

Get a gramophone online to enhance the look of your living room with an antique touch. You can have a special corner in your house for the gramophone where you can spend some time every weekend with songs of the golden era. Compare the sizes and designs of different gramophones online to determine the one that is going to look the best in your living room.

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