Bean Bag

Bean bag

bean bag is a sealed bag containing dried beans, PVC pellets, extended polystyrene, or extended polypropylene.

Bean Bags or bean bag chairs are exclusive when it comes to seating furniture. Bean bags are utilitarian, as well as stylish and comfortable to sit on. These are the cutest types of furniture that add a splendid look to any space. Whether it is a commercial setting, an office space or a house, bean bags are a popular furniture style seen in most of the places nowadays.

In any case, for homes, they act as an incredible option for your customary couch set and furthermore as embellishing pieces. You can convey them effortlessly as they are not overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination. Interesting part is that the trend of bean bag is not new. These stylish couches were ‘in vogue’ since the 70’s and was a vital part of every household.

Bean bag

If you want to beautify your living room by making it much trendier and also don’t want it to be expensive, then bean bags are the right furniture. They provide the urbane look without the messiness and clustered involved.

Delicate, cushiony and extravagant, bean bags make perfect furniture to relax on. Sit in front of the TV, play computer games, read a book or essentially sleep; these bean bags function admirably for any action. Having a vibrant bean bag at home can enhance the decor as well. Try playing with colors and designs, and you will see the difference.

Bean bag chairs

Bean bag

According to a study, an average Indian spends nine to ten hours of the day sitting. The same study suggests that 70% of the people in the world suffer from back pain and cervical problems. While working in an office and doing a routine job is something that cannot be avoided, we cannot ignore the place where we have to live, our body. Human imagination has reached to a level where we can relax and work at the same time, which brings us to a unique concept called “Bean bags”.

Today, Bean Bag Chairs have turned into an image of the startup idea. Not just have they tackled the back issues of individuals sitting on the seat for most part of the day, they have made the standard available time not so much exhausting but rather more unwinding.

Bean bag

Presently, you can sit and have some espresso and work on your portable PC in the meantime without facing much inconvenience. Along these lines, in case you’re hoping to set up another office or a workstation, at that point stuff your place with some bean bags rather than the normal seats to give your representatives an all new ordeal.

Printed bean Bags

Bean bag

Bean bags are prominent inferable from their plan, which is a mix of auxiliary utility and style. You could get one of these bean bags instead of a regular chair or couch. These are easy to place in any decor arrangement. The couch type bean bags sit well in the living room or can even deck up your study. Regular pear shaped or pod shaped bean bags fit well in any space.

It also does wonders to informal spaces, say your bedroom or a boudoir of sorts. There are bean bags with designer covers that can be used as statement pieces to add weight and balance to the interior. Bean bags that are modelled on a football are a hit among sports lovers. Get a few and line it up in front of your TV to enjoy a game with your friends.

Bean bag

We bring you an extensive range of bean bags in an assortment of various sizes, prominent ones being Kid’s Bean Bags, Large Bean Bags, XL Bean Bags and XXL Bean Bags. Our bags are quite adaptable; you can alter the amount of filling as per your sitting requirement. The filling is of high-quality polystyrene beans to lend you optimum comfort.  Pick up the right bean bag and add a decorative touch to your home.