Handmade Journal 

Handmade Journals

A journal has a few related implications: a record of occasions or business; a private journal is typically called as a journal. Journals and diary are used for writing important work and private journal is used for writing thoughts which is usually refer as personal diary.

Handmade Journals
Today, Handmade journals are becoming popular as they not only fulfill their purpose as pages for penning your thoughts, but are in themselves original works of art and creative expressions of their maker. Each of these journals use many hours to complete, each one is a piece of mixed media/assemblage artwork thoughtfully put together. Each one has a soul of its own.
These handmade Journals are made with eco- friendly material and are purely handmade.

Handmade Leather Journals

Leather-bound” usually refers to books. It used to be conventional to cover expensive or important books in treated leather. Leather covers both protected the contents of the books from the elements and bound the pages of the book together.

Handmade Journals
Each leather journal and notebook we offer draws on our craftsman roots, with a balance between practical and beautiful. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality leather and paper. Leather journals offer a connection between your mind and your written words. A beautiful personalized journal will become your constant companion and a prized possession that enriches your life and sparks your creativity. Personalized with your name or logo, a leather journal becomes more than just a blank book – it becomes an extension of yourself, a tool to help capture the thoughts and moments that make up your days. Here is a collection of journals

Kantha Embroidered Handmade Slippad/Scribble Pad

Handmade Journals
These attractive slip pads or scribble pads are ideal as desk accessories. These designer pad covers are recyclable. All you need to do is once the original papers are used and torn off, you can use any kind of paper, cut them to size, staple and insert them to refill and reuse your slipped again.

Block Printed Cover Handmade Paper Diary/Notebook

Handmade Journals
It comes in a variety of hand block-printed designs and colours.These attractive . Made of 100% hand made paper. classic notebook with hand block printed fabric cover hard bound.

Writing is a very healthy practice as it does wonders to your health. Apart from keeping your creative juices actively flowing, regular writing habit acts as a vent to keep off the stress out of your life. For all your needs of Designer Notebooks and journals, Double Door Exercise Books, Indian Art Place Exercises Book, come to SilkRute.

How Handmade Journal is made?

The exquisite art of making Handmade Journals by craftsmanship, need a lot of creative skills. The beauty of these handmade journals is flawless and enhances the look of the workspace when added. The artisans are working very hard to make this beautiful journals. And making efforts to portray the craft worldwide!!!

Here is the making of Handmade Journal


Open up one of our handmade leather journals and put pen to paper. Crafted by expert artisans with only the finest leather and paper, it will last for generations. Add a dash of colour to your desk or workspace with these intricately handcrafted scribble pads.This is an adorable and wonderful gift for your loved ones in which they can pen up their deep thoughts and ideas. These handmade journals not only add color to your workspace they also brings your thoughts in one notebook.