Gemstone – Natural Healing Crystals!!

Gemstones, are standout amongst the most wonderful and extraordinary minerals with rich appearance and color. They are used extensively in jewelry and also for healing and self-empowerment. There are different types of gemstones with different prices depending upon the quality of minerals and availability.


Stones such as diamond, ruby, sapphiers, Moonstone, Coral and Sapphire and so on are popular. Vedic astrology approved gemstones are those that are natural, unheated and untreated and are profound & mystical healing tools that are being used all over the world from past few centuries across different cultures. Silkrute has one of the most extensive, unique and genuine collection of gemstones.


You may wonder knowing the fact that these gemstones are used by kings, royal orders, noble families and other elite circles of the society since long for their supernatural forces. Precious gemstones include Tiger Eye gemstone, Rainbow moonstone, Ruby and diamond.

Effects of Gemstones on Human Body

Scientifically, Gemstones influence our mind, heart and the entire body as they work on different Chakras. Gemstones can help awaken our awareness of physcological, spiritual and emotional aspects of ourselves.
There are many ways in which gemstones can be worn. They are worn as rings, bracelets, earrings, neck pieces and as amulets. Mostly they are polished with good cuts to enhance the reflection of light from them.


The core strength of gemstones lies in the colors they emit. Sun rays passing through a gemstone make it emit a cosmic color that is absorbed by the body Chakras. hey are broadly used to recuperate physical and enthusiastic sufferings. What makes a gemstone distinct, fascinating and exotic are its color, cut, transparency and vibrancy.


Characteristic properties of gemstones make them valuable, favorable and irreplaceable in the healing of diseases. The body needs all 7 colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, indigo, green and violet. Each color is connected with one or more of the Chakras. Aura, the etheric body or bio- magnetic stratum, is a subtle energy field that encircles one’s physical body. With the color ray in a favor of particular chakra, you can quickly heal the associated areas and organs.

How do Gemstones work?

Gems were said by various rishis and seers to be able to avert negative influences of planets and to increase positive ones. The colors and vibrations of specific gemstones directly correspond to the colors and vibrations of different Chakras.


By wearing gems touching the skin in particular fingers or as bracelets or pendants, we increase the transmission of cosmic color rays radiated by the planets which are considered by the gems and transmitted to the body thus empowering the specific Chakras in our ethereal body. Chakras are ruled by God and planets are once empowered; the individual imbibes the strength , courage , support , lick and the blessings from the divine energies to Achieve success.

Wearing a Gemstone gives an essential benefit

• Helps in treatment of diseases such as migraine, neuroses or even psychosis.
• Releases depression and lightens the mood.
• Calms down the mind, restores balance within the body.

• Helps you gain stability; mental, emotional and intellectual. Best for those who are weak and influenced by the opinions of others.
• Makes you stronger in your own opinions and knowledge.
• Best for those suffering from inferiority complex, afraid of socializing with others.
• Energizes all the Chakras of your body.
• Helps you focus on the tasks and communicate your views, thoughts, intentions and visions to others in an effective way.

Gemstone and planets

Gemstones and planets are interrelated. Vedic rishis and sages understood well the impact of planets on mind and the body. Stronger planets attracted positive energies whereas weaker planets attracted challenges and obstacles.


Therefore, jyotish Shastra offered insight into studying planetary positions in your horoscope and recommended the use of powerful gemstones in order to enhance the power of benefic planets and minimize the effect of malefic planets.Every gemstone is connected with a planet. A gemstone is worn on the body to strengthen its planet or minimize the malefic effect of the weaker planet.

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