Handicrafts of Haryana – Traditional Crafts of Haryana

haryana traditional craftsHaryana is a state which is famous for tourism spots as well as for traditional crafts. Infect Haryana organizes India’s one of the largest fair in Faridabad (Surajkund International Craft Fair).Distinct categories of Haryana crafts are: Pottery, Embrodiery, Phulkari, Bagh, Chope, Paintings etc. Potters of Haryana are very common in most of the places because it’s very cheap and easy process to make things like pots, decorative item with the clay.

Traditional crafts of Haryana

Women ratio for making pottery is high and they are making the best patterns for items. Another craft of Haryana is Embroidery & Weaving of Haryana. Haryana is on first rank by the basis of Woven work. Beautiful robes ,shawls are made by embroidery of various colors and this is generally known with the name of Phulkari. Geometric pattern of design to make another craft ie, Bagh and mostly muslims are influenced by its unique patterns. Khaddar is used for the Bagh patterns.

Traditional crafts of Haryana

Chope is also a type of shawl, which is elegant in its look .Sculpture craft is concentrated around all the parts of state.

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Making handicrafts have never been the mainstream occupation of the people in Haryana. Most crafts have not evolved into art forms and have remained rooted to their original use and simplicity. Perhaps people were always too involved in the hardships of agricultural life to spare time for crafts. Even when the Green Revolution made agriculture easier, people preferred to continue with agriculture, which was a familiar area, rather than venture into the unknown world of crafts. Historically speaking, Haryana’s craft traditions also never received any royal patronage, as did crafts in Rajasthan or Avadh.

Traditional crafts of Haryana

Despite all these problems, Haryana has some interesting handicrafts on offer including pottery making, handloom, woven furniture, artistic pottery, and woodcarving.

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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Traditional crafts of Haryana

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